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Mobile for Mainframe

Santa Rosa Software is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee with a satellite location Washington, D.C. We build mobile enterprise software solutions for the new generation of mainframers.

Building Software and Solutions for a New Generation of Mainframer

A new generation of mainframers is ascending into leadership roles in the Fortune 1000. Santa Rosa Software is creating unprecedented access to this most critical and strategic IT asset leveraging mobile technologies.

Mobile for Mainframe

KhyberPass is the first of many mobile solutions SRS is building for the mainframe. Securely create and store IBM RACF(r), CA ACF2(tm) and CA Top Secret(r) passwords on mobile. Exclusively built for these IBM facilities.

Deep Mainframe Roots

Our IBM subject matter expertise is vast and our mainframe roots run deep. Our 4 founders have 100+ years of experience on Big Iron.

Enterprise IT Consulting Services

Today’s mainframe is part of a far-reaching hybrid, enterprise IT ecosystem. You need to secure it and connect it to other systems and we can help with that.

IBM® z/OS® Mobile App for Password Generation/Management

Mainframe access control facilities each have their own peculiarities in password generation policy. Some of these policy rules date back to the 1970s, some of them are fairly new. The complexity of mainframe password generation rears its head with every new password requirement. Learn how Santa Rosa Software solved this problem with KhyberPass mobile mainframe password app.

Aggregate Passwords Generated

To date, KhyberPass mainframe password generator is in use at 35 organizations across the United States and Canada.

IBM RACF® Passwords Generated

CA ACF2™ Passwords Generated

CA Top Secret™ Passwords Generated

Founders' Roundtable Video Series

Our inaugural founders roundtable will take place on October 6, 2021 and a recording will be uploaded here after the event. This first roundtable will feature the founders of Santa Rosa Software and will focus on the omnipresence of the mainframe across diverse IT environments. Will discuss the past 50 years of the mainframe, where we are today and what’s to come for the mainframe in the next 50 years.

Roundtable video coming soon

Where to Purchase

Santa Rosa Software apps are available from the following locations.

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